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The Center for the Study of The Healer’s Art (CSHA), under the direction of Michael W. Rabow, M.D., associate professor of clinical medicine at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) School of Medicine, was established in 2005 to systematically study course outcomes nationwide. CSHA’s staff includes Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D., clinical professor of family and community medicine at UCSF School of Medicine and founder and director of The Healer’s Art course, and research associates from the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at UCSF School of Medicine. Through a multi-institutional collaborative approach based on standardized course evaluations, CSHA assesses the short and long-range effects of The Healer’s Art course on participating students and faculty. Published peer reviewed studies demonstrate the value of The Healer’s Art course for establishing professionalism, humanism and a deep-rooted commitment to medicine as a path of service across diverse schools and medical cultures.

CSHA’s Mission
  • Achieve quality control for The Healer’s Art course both nationally and internationally;
  • Promote the understanding and study of the short and long-range impact of The Healer’s Art course on participating students;
  • Promote the understanding and study of the short and long-range impact of The Healer’s Art course on participating medical residents and other health professionals;
  • Promote the understanding and study of the impact of The Healer’s Art course on course faculty;
  • Support the dissemination of these findings to a national and international audience of medical educators;
  • Promote collaborative community among faculty offering The Healer’s Art course nationally and internationally through research and presentations;
  • Consult on ongoing research and publication at individual schools teaching The Healer’s Art course;
  • Consult when requested on professional presentations and research efforts at individual schools teaching the Healer’s Art course;
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for academic and professional presentations by The Healer’s Art course directors and faculty;
  • Further collaboration between schools teaching The Healer’s Art course on presentations to national meetings of professional societies;
  • Gather annual standard evaluations from all schools teaching The Healer’s Art course and provide all schools yearly with detailed summaries of their student and faculty evaluations;
  • Design and implement a progressive series of research projects on the national medical school experience with The Healer’s Art course.
CHSA Annual Outcomes Evaluation

In 2004, standardized student and faculty evaluation forms were developed and are used annually at all schools teaching The Healer’s Art course. The evaluation forms are updated and fine-tuned annually. The center compiles the raw evaluations from each school and returns a detailed evaluation summary to each course director for submission to the curriculum dean (and/or curriculum committee) at their school. The evaluation summary of each participating school is reviewed annually by The Healer’s Art director and associate director and consultation offered when necessary.

CHSA Research Projects

Collaboration in research is highly encouraged as data are strengthened in studies across schools while replication of research efforts can diminish the chances of successful publication for any individual researcher. Annually, the director of the CSHA communicates with all course directors to orient them to the ongoing Healer’s Art course evaluation and research projects. Throughout the year, the director collaborates and consults with course directors pursuing both formal and informal academic presentations and projects around their local Healer’s Art course. Additionally, The Healer’s Art course directors are invited to attend course director gatherings for community building and support at various national medical education conferences.

Placing articles in professional journals has proved highly useful in enabling national faculty to gain attention and approval for implementing The Healer’s Art course from the dean of students and the curriculum committee at their schools. In addition, publication in the medical literature and presentations at national medical conferences has proven to be an effective way to attract additional schools and faculty to the training program.

Research Papers
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