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We now offer one-day and half-day Power of Nursing workshops to nurses in clinical settings who want to explore common issues in the workplace such as maintaining authenticity and wholeness, living personal and professional values, reconnecting with one’s calling and finding meaning in a life of service. In this innovative discovery model process, nurses meet together as colleagues and co-learners, take part in the same reflective processes, learn from one another and explore ways to operationalize their shared values and service intention.

Our Power of Nursing workshops support nurses to reunite with the meaning of their work and clarify their mission and sense of professional identity as healers.

The workshop participants will receive take-home self-care tools for maintaining and strengthening resilience. These tools will be participant-specific and therefore designed to be used in any clinical situation to boost and sustain strength and connection to the nurse’s personal vision and values in nursing.

The workshops focus on “Finding Meaning in Nursing” and “Service as a Way of Life.”

In the workshop, participants will be enabled to:

  • recognize meaning as an aspect of their own professional lives;
  • access the deeper meaning that underlies their practice of nursing;
  • explore a personal relationship to the core meaning of their profession;
  • witness the commonality of meaning that underlies a diversity of nursing expertise;
  • form a sense of community of shared meaning among colleagues;
  • dialogue with colleagues in the area of service, calling and mission;
  • recognize calling as an aspect of their own professional lives;
  • explore core nursing values of compassion, service, courage, love and reverence for life; and
  • embrace tools to actively preserve professional commitment and meaning in nursing.

Who Should Participate?

The half-day or one-day workshop experience is designed for presentation to any clinical specialty group of staff nurses, managers, nurses in transition to new roles, or nurses in residency training programs. Prior to the workshop we would like to hear all about your clinical setting and what you hope to gain from our nurse-led guided learning workshops.

What Are Nurses Saying About the Power of Nursing Workshops?

“It helped me to realize why I am truly a nurse.” ~ Staff Nurse

“I found the reason why I chose to be a nurse. I know I am supported by my co-workers. I learned how to breathe to relax and center myself.” ~ Staff Nurse

“It provided great insight and value into the meaning of my profession.” ~ R.N., New Grad Residency Program

“This [workshop] allowed me to redefine and strengthen my values as a nurse as well as deeply connect with my fellow healers.” ~ Nurse Manager

The on-going work of the Power of Nursing is to promote emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being of nurses and to engage and inspire nurses to actively influence the culture of health care to ensure improved patient outcomes.

BRN and Disclosure Policy

BRN Information

The Remen Institute for the Study of Health & Illness. Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 10064.

California BRN continuing education credits are accepted by most state nursing boards; please verify with your state professional regulatory agency if they will accept a California CE certificate.

Disclosure Policy

The Remen Institute for the Study of Health & Illness has implemented a process where everyone who is in a position to influence the content of the educational activity must disclose to learners any relevant financial relationship with a commercial interest. Having an interest or affiliation with a corporate organization does not necessarily prevent the speaker from participating in the proposed CME activity. It is a policy of the CME Committee to resolve any conflicts of interest prior to the presentation.

Disclosure Information: The speakers, presenters and planning committee members for this educational activity disclose no relevant financial relationships with commercial interests.

For more information, please contact Evangeline Andarsio, MD at 937.245.7450 ext. 2 or

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