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Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen

RISHI offers ongoing workshops and trainings for physicians, nurses, other healthcare professionals and veterinarians who want to bring their hearts more fully to their work. The heart is an organ of vision, a way of seeing that enables us to connect with others and find meaning in the most routine of tasks. Medical training often encourages professionals to shield themselves and may even have convinced them that approaching work with a tender heart is unprofessional. But this belief makes clinicians vulnerable to depression, loneliness and despair.

Our programs invite participants on a journey of rediscovery into their daily work and its personal meaning for them. Through small group discussion, poetry, storytelling, journaling, symbols and imagery, these workshops create a safe place for exploring the joys, challenges, hopes and surprises of a life of service. Come prepared to experience the healing that can only be found in a community of others committed to working with an open heart.

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Faculty Training Workshops

“The Flame” Resiliency Programs

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