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The Healer’s Art: Articles About the Healer’s Art Course

Peer Reviewed Articles published or in press

  • (1)  Remen R, Rabow M. The Healer’s Art: Professionalism, Service and Mission. Med Educ. 2005;39:1172.
  • (2)  Rabow MW, Remen RN. The Healer’s Art: An Innovation in Professionalism Education. [Abstract]. J Gen Intern Med. 2006;21,S1:186.
  • (3)  Rabow M, Wrubel J, Remen RN. The Formation of Authentic Community as an Educational Strategy for Professional Development and Identity. [Abstract]. J Gen Intern Med. 2006;21,S1:143.
  • (4)  Rabow M, Wrubel J, Remen R. Authentic Community As An Educational Strategy In Professionalism: A National Evaluation Of The Healer’s Art Curriculum. J Gen Intern Med. 2007;221:1422-8.
  • (5)  O’Donnell JF, Rabow MR, Remen RN. “The Healer’s Art: Awakening the Heart of Medicine.” Med Encounter. 2007;1:7-11.
  • (6)  Remen RN, O’Donnell J, Rabow MW. The Healer’s Art: Education in Meaning and Service. J Cancer Educ. 2008; 23:65-67.
  • (7)  Rabow M, Wrubel J, Remen R. The Promise of Professionalism: Mission Statements Among a National Cohort of Healer’s Art Medical Students. Annal Fam Med. 2009;7:336-342.
  • (8)  Rabow MW, Remen RN, Parmelee DX, Inui TS. Professional Formation: Extending Medicine’s Lineage of Service into the Next Century. Acad Med. 2010;85:310-317.
  • (9)  Rabow MW, Evans C, Remen RN. Professional Deformation: Student’s Perceptions of Repression of Personal Values and Qualities in Medical Education. [Abstract]. Teach Learn Med. 2012;24:91.
  • (10) Rabow MW, Evans C, Remen RN. Professional Formation and Deformation: Repression of Personal Values and Qualities in Medical Education. Fam Med. 2013;45(1):13-18. © Rachel Remen & Evangeline Andarsio 2017-18 195 The Remen Institute for the Study of Health and Illness
  • (11)  Rabow MW, Newman M, Remen RN. Teaching in Relationship: The Impact on Faculty of Teaching “The Healer’s Art.” Teach Learn Med. In Press
  • (12)  Rabow MW, Lapedis M, Feingold A, Thomas M, Remen NR. Insisting on the Healer’s Art: Impact of Required Participation in a Course on Humanism. Teach Learn Med. Teach Learn Med. 2016: Vol 28(1):61-71.
  • (13)  Meyer-Parsons B, Etten SV, Shaw JR. The Healer’s Art (HART): Veterinary Students Connecting with Self, Peers, and the Profession. Journal of Veterinary Medical Education (JVME) 44(1) p. 187-197

Articles under Peer Review or in Revision

  • (1)  Haesler E, Anderson K, Thomson J, Rabow M. The Healer’s Art: awakening the heart in medicine. Cultural relevance in the Australian setting. Focus on Health Professional Education. Submitted for review.
  • (2)  Ebetino M, McCormick C, Hovsepian S, Redko C, Andarsio E, Kirkham E, Remen RN, Rabow M. Developing Humanism Among Medical Students through a Finding Meaning in Medicine. Med Teach. Submitted for review.

Non-Peer Reviewed

  • Kelly, K., Remen, R. “The Art of Healing: Q & A with Rachel Naomi Remen, MD.” San Francisco Medicine Magazine. 2006;79(8):20-21.
  • Marchand, L. “The Healer’s Art: Nurturing Service to the Community in Medical Education.” NAO News. National Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) 2006:7(2).
  • Pearson, J., “Teaching the Art of Healing.” Minnesota Medicine. 2009; (April):38-39.
  • Rabow M. Becoming a Doctor: Learning from the Hidden Curriculum in Medical Education. In The Hidden Curriculum and Health Professions Education. Hafferty F and O’Donnell J, Eds. New Hampshire: U Dartmouth Press. Published January 6, 2015.
  • Rabow M., Remen R., “Staying Soulful: The Healer’s Art: Sharing Grief & Honoring Loss.” American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM) Bulletin. 2007;8(3).
  • Remen, R, Gazella, K.A. & Snyder, S., Eds. “Conversations: Recovering the Soul of Medicine.” Alternative Therapies. 2006;12(3):88-93.
  • Samelson-Jones, E., “A Physician’s Education.” UCSF Synapse. 2006; 50(12).?Tucker, C, Remen, R. “Medical Education: Teaching the Heart of Medicine.” San Francisco Medicine: The Journal of the San Francisco Medical Society. 2005;78(7).


Articles Citing the Healer’s Art Course

  • Kligler B., Maizes V., Schlachter S., Park Cl, Gauder T., Benn R., Lee R. Remen R. “Core Competencies in Integrative Medicine for Medical School Curricula: A Proposal.” Academic Medicine. September 2004;79(6):526.
  • Sierpina VS, Kreitzer MJ. “Innovations in Integrative Healthcare Education: Mind-Body Medicine Training.” Explore: Journal of Science and Healing. 2005; 1(5):402-404.
  • Suchman AL. “Advancing Humanism in Medical Education.” J Gen Intern Med. 2007; 22:1630-1631.

Articles Pertinent to Session Materials

    • Coulehan, J, “Today’s Professionalism: Engaging the Mind but Not the Heart.” Academic Medicine. 2005;80(10).
    • Kelly D. “A Meaningful Work” in Vital Signs. Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine. Vol. 39, No. 1, p.7-13
    • Remen, R., “In the Service of Life.” Noetic Sciences Review. 1996:37:24-25?Remen, R., “Recapturing the Soul of Medicine.” Western Journal of Medicine. 2001;174:4-5
    • Wilson H. Report on Wellbeing in US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. University of Otago, 2013.

Power of Nursing

Power of Nursing article published in Journal of Professional Nursing: Day, L., Ziehm, S.R., Jessup MA, Amedro, P., Dawson-Rose, C., Derouin, A., Babb Kennedy, B., Manahan, S., Luck Parish, A., Remen, R.N.  The Power of Nursing: An Innovative Course in Values Clarification and self-discovery. Journal of Professional Nursing 2017


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